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We Are
The Fox Cities Festival of Lights

About the Festival

Fox Cities Festival of Lights is a 501c3 nonprofit made up of volunteers from the Fox Cities area.  We are designing, building and setting up a holiday themed light display at Darboy Community Park in the Village of Harrison.  Visitors will be able to take a walk on the wooded trails through the park to see a wide variety of custom made light displays made from a variety of materials.  Some of our displays will represent well known sites from the area.


  A $5 per person cash donation is greatly appreciated.   We know the holidays can be a little tough so we want anyone to come out and enjoy this with their family and friends.  We will have a couple donation boxes which will help us add more displays every year.  As part of our mission, we will also be splitting the donations with area nonprofits that will be there to help us run the event each night.  If you are a part of a nonprofit in the Fox Cities and would like to know more about how to get involved see our Volunteers page.  

2024 Season: 

- 2024 is being planned right now.  Stay tuned for more details!

If you are interested in being a sponsor, nonprofit, or a volunteer, send us a message.


Parking is available on the east side of the park off of Skippers Ln. Parking is also now available on Midway Rd. and Noe Rd.

We plan to have Santa every night besides December 24th & 25th

Hot Chocolate and other beverages will be available from Travelin Toms Coffee on most nights


What is Fox Cities Festival of Lights?

This is an annual holiday event that takes place at Darboy Community Park in the Village of Harrison. This free family friendly event is a walk through holiday light display that is set in the woods of the park. Visitors walk the roughly half mile trail which is filled with holiday lights and dozens of custom made displays. All of the displays have been designed by our volunteers. Most of them were built by our volunteers including the Fox Cities themed displays like the Fox Cities PAC and Grignon Mansion.


Who puts this event on?

FCFL is a 501c3 nonprofit made up of a small group of volunteers from the community who work very hard to design, build, and set up this annual event for the community. Although this event takes place over the course of 5 weeks, it takes the entire year to plan, design, build, and set up this wonderful display.


How much does it cost?

FCFL is a free event for the community! We want everyone from the community to enjoy this event with their family and friends!  A $5/ person donation is suggested to keep adding to the event.

Can I bring my dog?

No you can't there are too many people and it's a liability.  There are signs posted no pets allowed in the park.

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