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Here’s How You Can Help

Fox Cities Festival of Lights is a year round operation that involves designing, building, setting up, and taking down displays.  It also involves planning, marketing events, and advertising materials.  We have a dedicated team of volunteers working hard to create this fun annual event for the community.  If you would like to help please contact us.  No experienced required!

This File explains how the volunteer
program works:

This file is the registration form that must be
filled out to participate:

Attention Fox Cities Nonprofits

Do you volunteer or work for a 501c3 nonprofit in the Fox Cities area?  Then we can help you raise money and awareness for your organization.   Your nonprofit helps us with operating the event each night.  A different nonprofit will be selected each night and will have 5 to 8 volunteers at the park from 4:30 to 9:30pm.  We will have somebody from our organization there with you the entire night and will give you directions on what to do.  We need two people at each of three stations which include the entrance, fire pit, and helping Santa.  We would also like a person that can float around to give bathroom breaks or to warm up.  An organization qualifies by making a donation to us or helping us set up or take down the display for one day.  A portion of the donations we collect that night will be given to your organization.  

If your organization would like to help us out, please let us know.  Spots will fill up fast!

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